How many hours I need to wait after lash extensions?

24-48 hours of no water or steam contact after lash extensions 

How many weeks I need to come back after lash extensions ?

2-3 weeks is ideal for lash infills to maintain the quality of the lashes.

Why lashes didn’t stay longer?

Picking lashes, eye mascara, eyeliner, make up, dirty lashes, and oil base products are the reason why lashes don’t stay as long.

Can you swim in the water with eyelash extensions?

yes ,you can swim your eyelash extensions as it is waterproof however the salt water & the waves may weaken the glue bonding of your lashes.

Cleaning my lashes with baby shampoo ?
idealy baby shampoo is not design for lashes as it doesn’t have biotin to protect and help the lashes grow more.best to buy lash shampoo.

why glue didn’t stick on the lashes on lash treatment ?

there’s number of reason why lashes didn’t stick while doing lash extensions. Check if the lashes is dirty, had zinc sunscreen, oily facial cream .

Do lash extensions damage natural lashes?

No. With a skilled application and normal maintenance and care, the lash extension will not damage your natural lashes.

However, using lashes that are too heavy, too long, or poor isolation could cause your lashes to shed earlier than normal.

Taking a break from extensions.

a month or two should be encouraged if you keep seeing premature shedding.

Repeated premature shedding due to the above could cause your natural lashes to shed permanently.

Remind clients that they should follow their advice of a trained and certified technician regarding the length and thickness needed to maintain healthy natural lashes.

How many lash extensions are applied to each eye, and how long will it take to apply?

That very much depends on the natural state of the client’s lashes. Someone with sparse lashes won’t take as much time or as many lashes as someone who has very thick lashes. Without seeing your client’s lashes, you have no way of knowing how long they will take.


Most people take anywhere from 45-100 extensions per eye. Speed will vary depending on skill level.


How long will the lash extensions stay on?

Everyone has different growth cycles. Depending on the rate of natural shedding and the compatibility of the set with your client’s natural lashes, as well as their aftercare, will determine the retention of the set.

Most people can go 2-3 weeks before needing a fill. Without having them filled, you would have the extensions for about 1-1.5 months.

Unfortunately, after a couple of weeks, they’ll develop gaps and will no longer have their glamour appearance.